How many of us find ourselves in the middle of the night eating chocolate and feeling the deepest parts of our souls stirred by random memories, songs, and smells? How many of us then decide to create a blog, wondering if they’ll regret it in the morning?

But no–anyone who verbalizes as much as I do, who has the greatest desire to create with words (even words that don’t rhyme), can’t regret an opportunity to verbalize into the vacuum.

But seriously. I know how much the internet has a monopoly on my creativity now, whereas when I was a wee lass, good ol’ pen and paper were the outlets of creativity. How can I resist? If I truly want to journal instead of talking the ears off my DH or my friends who are willing to meet me for coffee once in awhile, the old method won’t do.

There is a new phase in my life. A transitional one, with a hint of permanence. Perhaps that’s how every day ought to feel.

Let the words begin.

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