The long, low sound of 
Bass clarinets
And the slow progress
On a half-size concert bass
Bring forth the long duress
First wrought by sunsets
And which now has
And won’t be snapping back
Anytime soon.
So here’s the moon
Mocking age and books.
Plodding, wafting like the 
Lowest part of a concert,
The drift of time asserts
Its power over the work
And over the years.
Having too many
Of things
Merely dries 
The foolish tears
Of youth and hope
For something
Beyond the scope
Of the inane.
So play on, clarinet.
I have not lost this yet.

Copyright 2012 Heather G. Richardson

I’ll probably post a good bit of poetry on this blog. If this is to be an accurate representation of me in that all my other websites come together in one place, containing all my facebook thoughts, my twitter comments, my pinterest findings, my deviartart artwork and poetry, then poetry is a good place to start, I guess.

A year ago now I decided the next phase of my life by saying “yes” to the man who asked me to be his wife. How interesting that though I knew it was right, and had a pretty good idea what it meant for me, I still had no idea what God intended to do in me between then and now, and for the rest of my life. How interesting.

How interesting to be completely out of what I thought was my comfort zone and into a whole new one. No longer comfortable in my independence and what I want to do with my life, I am becoming more focused on what we are going to do, and how my finding a job soonish will help us there. I know this is the time of my life consisting of bridal showers and baby showers and finding out which friends really will stay in touch (maybe having babies will bring in that whole new element where it’s not all about hanging out with single friends and other couples anymore. It’s all about what Baby wants to do on the weekend. Then which friends will keep in touch? But i’m not there yet).

I promise my next blog will be something with structure and something which I thought through before I started writing.

One day I will be Poet Laureate of the US of A. Boom.Image

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