The final three! I would agree I started stronger than I finished, but I plead total overwhelming stress this month as an excuse. But I made it through my seventh year of NaPoWriMo. I certainly didn’t write a poem every day and I definitely had to play some catch-up, but I did it. Yay! Oceans […]


Persuasion Persuade me to do something else Instead of giving in to this. Persuade me there is so much more Than future glory’s witching kiss. Grant me peace against the fall Which comes when I am paralyzed And stir me up to passion’s burn When fervor blinds my searching eyes. Electrified, I surge and ebb […]

NaPo Days XX-XXIV.

To finally get caught up again, a sonnet series, based on a simple quatrain. Note that the Latin titles refer back to the quatrain, and note that “magnum opus” was written on Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, and is written partly in his honor. Vici I am an open piece of work to you.And all I know […]


Cascade: Winter Fell I loved a summer rainfallIt left me with a hopeless hopeAnd filled me while it emptied meAnd made my winter fade away.I stood beside the gardenBlinking at the greyish skyPromising a downpour.I loved a summmer rainfall.You could have told me rain could comeAnd I would not believe you.The way the winter fell […]


I thought the best way to catch up was to write a series. Here’s one–a series of Epistles to love, life, mystery, grace, and truth. The first and last have four stanzas of alternating couplets, and the middle three have three.   Dear Love,I sought you more than mostAnd you became my end.Perhaps you are […]

NaPo Days X-XII

Falling behind… I knew this would happen. 😛 These are all pretty gloomy, frankly. Be warned. Sonnet: The Stubborn To suffer is the fate of all in turn. I know this and I weep despite the fact. Patience comes to those who suffer. Learn To be at peace and with no will left, act. Ah, […]

NaPo Days VIII and IX

Neither of these have strict form other than loose meter and alternating rhyme. Oh Mountain Oh mountain, sought and sundered, Peaceful river, flow Take heed the coming thunder And let my spirit go. I’ve nothing not surrendered To the tide or river rage. My heart to hope is rendered As a heartache’s unpaid wage. Grace […]

NaPo Days VI and VII

Tetractys: The Well is Deep Grant That I Daughter, heir Of Abraham Go in peace to seek the cleansing water. Wait beside the road for those who hunger Water of life Quench and fill What I Was. Well, She said What water Can give me life That lasts beyond the days my eyes grow dim? […]

NaPo days IV and V

Tanka: Chasser Nous chassons le ciel Poursuivons l’éternité Tout pour votre cÅ“ur T’es pour moi la première T’es ma fin, toi, avant tout. Pleiades: Hallowed Heaven-like, stirring up Hope for the poor ones Hollowed out in their bones. Hear now the whispers Hushed in their compact silence Hungry to know the truth of it but […]

NaPo Day III

Ottava Rima: Dolor Sit Amet I wished to offer all I had for pain. To serve you is to suffer–I agree. This walking in a fog of fruitless gain Is ignorant and blissful–just like me. I’m driven in the force of cleansing rain And longing now to suffer and be free; In sorrow which brings […]