NaPo Days X-XII

Falling behind… I knew this would happen. 😛 These are all pretty gloomy, frankly. Be warned.

Sonnet: The Stubborn

To suffer is the fate of all in turn.
I know this and I weep despite the fact.
Patience comes to those who suffer. Learn
To be at peace and with no will left, act.
Ah, this is my mantra, motto, phrase
And yet it does no good. I am not one
To condescend to change my settled ways.
The stubborn do not learn to come undone.
So ask me not if I have grown or changed
Or suffered well with all Job’s patient tears.
I scrambled after life that’s rearranged
And will not suffer better for these years.
Alas the stubborn sufferer has lost
Because he will not learn to count the cost.

Notre Fortresse

Come bear a candle in.
My fortress has caught fire.
It burns into the night;
A sacrifice. A pyre
For all the tangled hopes
I left in every room.
Step lightly o’er the threshold
And welcome to its doom.
The fire has a method–
Disintegrated dreams.
Blow out your little candle
And join the castle’s screams.

Sedoka: Silence

Tangible silence–
The first I’ve had in months
Can I just stay here?
Drinking in the beauty
Of quiet like a forest
After gentle rains.

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