Persuade me to do something else
Instead of giving in to this.
Persuade me there is so much more
Than future glory’s witching kiss.
Grant me peace against the fall
Which comes when I am paralyzed
And stir me up to passion’s burn
When fervor blinds my searching eyes.
Electrified, I surge and ebb
And flattened, I return to start.
There is no in-between for me.
There is no peace left in my heart.
I have no rest before my soul
And no awareness of my mind.
Persuade me I am more than me
Before I leave myself behind.

I Took the Stars

I took the stars
And bid them hush
And wait for you
In all your rush
And make you sit
And gaze upon
Their glory–not
The road you’re on.
I took the stars
And not the sun
For stars just glow
And one by one
They twinkle so;
As you will find.
I took the stars,
But they don’t mind.


The love of wisdom is no love per se.
It acts like dusty, passionless old tomes
And gives no warmth of moonlit nights to they
Who bade fair wisdom call their hearts her home.
For rather, philosophe, you dwell on ink
And put to death vitality and comb
The nits of truth from scalps of those who think.
Cry havoc, thou pursuers of the taint
Which mars the minds of those who boldly drink
Of correspondent truth, proceed to paint
The world in terms of logic paired with faith.
Go label such impassioned fools as saints
And take up ways of life which glow on paper
Ye named as wisdom’s lovers while ye hate her.

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