May Sonnet Challenge–In June!

So since May was waaaaaay too busy for me to write poems in, I am doing the May sonnet challenge over at Crowns of Sonnets on dA in June. It’s two weeks of different sonnet forms. Here are my first three:


Sonnet to the Drip in my Office (Petrarchan Sonnet)

Purpose in my work is put to rout
And cast aside before I scarce begin.
I wonder now what was my grievous sin
That caused this torture here to come about.
Incessant dripping leaves my heart in doubt
As waterfalls of noise come thundering in
That I am sane as once I was. This din
Of constant dripping, falling, splashing–out!
It comes as beating tell-tale hearts to me
Or rapping on Amontillado’s walls.
Thou harbinger of wrath hath ruined my day
And filled the air with smells of mildew. See:
The ceiling drip becomes a rushing falls
And I am forced to listen in dismay.


True Son (Sonnet Petit)

The Servant of the Lord in Israel born
Meant to be a beacon to the earth
Full of hope and light; and yet forlorn
Groaning in the hope of virgin birth.
Jacob failed the covenant and lost
The freedom which he scorned for other loves.
Now Son of David, come and pay the cost
Where Jacob failed, you are more than enough.
You came as Lord that Israel be restored.


Acquainted with the Day (Terza Rima Sonnet, inspired heavily by Robert Frost’s “Acquainted with the Night.”)

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I kissed and told, smoked and inhaled, and slept
With dogs and scorned the blinding, burning light.

I felt the darkness as it slowly crept
In cold and ice upon me until dawn.
I reveled in the company I kept.

In streets of satin, whence the night had gone
I loved the shadows, kissed them on the ground
(Emptied, sick to know how you looked on)

I felt the hollow pleasure til I drowned.
It cast me up on shores of desperate need,
Prodigal, and longing to be found.

You hurt to know I relished in decay
Where once I’d been acquainted with the day.


Now go join the challenge and stretch your sonnet skills!

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