May Sonnet Challenge Part III.

Here are days 6-8 of the May Sonnet Challenge. Some turned out better than others… as is the point of an exercise like this I suppose. You win some, you lose some.

Day Six: “Being and Nothingness” (Pushkin sonnet)

Now, without fail, each early morning
He stops inside his new cafe
Suspects to see him sans forewarning
Enjoying coffee every day.
His presence noted, Jean-Paul ambles
Towards his table, takes a gamble
That his old friend will bid him sit
And with a coffee talk a bit.
And thus does every morning go by.
Perhaps it could be just one time
Pierre won’t hear the doorbell chime
And won’t be there to meet his friend’s eye.
It’s nothingness, this absence known.
Poor Jean-Paul Sartre, all alone.

Day Seven: “Subjective and Subject” (Beymorlin sonnet)

It here remains your right to do your worst
And lacking fervor, standing tall on sand–
Or fear to do your best should death come first.
Come back a hundred years and understand.
The grains of sand will move and you will fall;
We stood for freedom, tolerance, and love
Remaining firm on grounds not firm at all.
The good we thought we brought was not enough.
And now the nations crumble in the night,
As men see fit to do what may seem best.
But how can it be good to let men fight
Again, for relativity expressed?
You thought to let all men do as they wished
And bought a world where morals don’t exist.

Day Eight: “New Home” (couplet sonnet)

Our home has been our castle these short years
Holding in its walls unspoken fears
Giving way to joy that breaks in rays
Of sunlight scattered over endless days.
It birthed our way of life as two in one
And brought its woes and comforts ere it’s done.
We two were discontented with our lot
And at the same time loved what it hath wrought.
But here we come upon a change of tune–
Rushing to the end that’s coming soon
For us in our old home we’ve now outgrown
Leaving once again all we have known.
I’ll gladly take the keys and start again
To make a home from this, our new domain.


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