May Sonnet Challenge, part VI.

Well, here’s the last one in the May Sonnet Challenge. A challenge which I neither finished in May nor in the space of two weeks. But it was fun.

The final form in the challenge was the classic Shakespearean:
“Love You Turned Your Back On”

I wonder now what gives your journey hope
When you have cast aside your love from youth.
Does it not leave you lost, alone? You grope
For what you once held fast as solid truth.
You stand instead on that which soothes the mass–
Humanity so loves what makes it pant
In pleasure which is pain before it’s passed;
You gave it all for this? Yet you recant
And beg for mercy, lost, alone, afraid.
Yet your repentance smacks of cold defense
When you’ve no other recourse. Had you stayed
The love you had, and have, with sweet suspense
Would wait for you, hear every cry you uttered,
And even now it loves the heart you shuttered.

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