dA Mission: Artist of the Month!

I am super excited to share the fun news that I have received the honor of being interviewed as Artist of the Month at the Deviant Mission on deviantart.com. Here is the link: http://fav.me/d7soied. I am honored to have this opportunity to share not only about poetry, but form poetry as well, and the message […]

Lit Community Posts: How to Stay Inspired and Focused

I love the Literature community on deviantArt. This week was literature basics week, and I was requested to share an article on staying focused and inspired on writing projects, as well as how to create a good writing environment. The article was posted on Project Educate today. Here’s a link to it: How to Stay Inspired […]

Personal Favorites 6: The Rubaiyat!

I have discovered that Asian and Middle Eastern forms work much better in their original languages. However, making attempts in the less beautiful English to write them well is a good exercise. Here is a rubaiyat, which I liked because of the emotions it evoked in myself when I was writing, and again and again […]

Personal favorites 5: Personifying Nature

This is a favorite of mine because it feels more like something that would have been written 100 years ago. And it uses some of the oldest literary tricks in the poetry book. Traditional Shakespearean, down to the use of the first line for a title. I am fairly pleased with the end rhyming–but I […]

Personal Favorites, Part 4: Tribute to Alfred Noyes

The following is different from most of my work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a glosa, which is a form of poetry in which the first stanza is a stanza selected from another poet’s work, and the subsequent stanzas expand on the theme in your own words, concluding the stanza with each line of […]

Personal Favorites, part 3.

A continued look at pieces I have written that I especially like. This one is an ottava rima, which is not a sonnet form, but inspired thereby. Abyss Your silence holds the earth in stark white snow Already fallen, sleeping in her bliss. We’re unaware of fire’s long-burning glow Deeper than the solid earth’s abyss. […]

Personal Favorites part 2

Another of my personal favorites–again a Shakespearan sonnet–but with the stanzas separated for literary effect. The idea is separation from dearest friends.  “Merely Stars” All that we thought was lost is merely stars,Burning brighter still than moon or sun;But far, so far we cannot call them ours,Waiting out of reach and never won. This twilight […]