Personal Favorites: 1

I have, on dA, a gallery full of poetry I have written which are personal favorites for one reason or another. I thought I would share a few with you as well as explain what makes them favorites.

This one, a sonnet as many of my favorites are, is traditional Shakespearean. Called “Composed in Burning Purpose” it not only is a direct result of what it describes, but is also a sort of manifesto to those who need to be reminded that passions and talents aren’t meant to be wasted but to be used. Even if no one sees.

Composed in Burning Purpose

One sonnet from the hands that raise, alive
One syllable, one word, one turn of phrase
Like rolling waves, the moments, they arrive–
Like light and life crescendoed on for days.
So strike, composer, notes, and wave your hand
Through music in the air. And raise your eyes
You dancers on the stage– now take a stand–
The lights, the orchestra, the thunder dies.
For this is all you ever fully loved–
This moment full of life that no one knows.
Oh yes, they see and hear and read enough
But you, alone, give birth in painless throes
To glory wrought in burning purpose. Give
Your everything to that for which you live.

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