Personal Favorites 6: The Rubaiyat!

I have discovered that Asian and Middle Eastern forms work much better in their original languages. However, making attempts in the less beautiful English to write them well is a good exercise. Here is a rubaiyat, which I liked because of the emotions it evoked in myself when I was writing, and again and again whenever I re-read it. The vastness of space, which you will discover if you follow me for any length of time, is as recurring a theme as the Greek muse in my work. Irresistible.

Space in My Eyes

My, how lovely is this quiet sea,
Breaking on the shores and on the lea
Curling, tasting of the air and wind,
Taking with its waves a part of me.

Give it back: the pieces I rescind.
Night calls for the cobwebs worn and thinned,
Stretching in the grass–a well-loved place
Fulsome, empty, cold, replete with sins.

Beautiful your midnight frosted grace;
Fearful is the night moon on your face.
Say I, come and walk awhile alone;
Beaches, silence, glitters bright deep space.

Stars breathe miles away in heat unknown
Scent of space and call of night intoned
Split the air with grace, peel back the crust
Letting rocks and trees their praises groan.

Given that I mark the night unjust–
Broken cobwebs much like broken trust,
Thinned and glinting is the breath of dawn
Breathing interplanetary dust.

Light breaks forth and brings all life foregone.
My, what is this journey I am on?
Dance, oh stars, as sunlight hides your depth.
I… I take the hill-road, grace withdrawn.

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