Personal Favorites 7: Non-Traditional Form

Here’s an older one–written without a specific form in mind, other than alternating couplets. The original actually had a fourth stanza, but I have found I don’t like it, and the first three say enough on their own.

“How to Feel”

Today I caught my heart on fire.
I felt it in my veins.
Yesterday I caught myself
Pining for spring rains.
But you—you kindled deep the flame
And colors burned surreal.
I became the firewood–
You taught me how to feel.

The cold and heartless cynic
Which winter wrapped my heart in
Melted in the summer sun
And dripped beneath your pardon.
All numbness, all bare walls I built
Around me for protection
Crumbled in your sweetness,
Your blinding bright perfection.

I felt the wind, I smelled the air,
And light became my song.
A thousand memories poured in,
A thousand moments long.
Enchanted by the fire in me,
I sought to feel you still.
I said, “Will you pour life in me?”
You answered, “Love, I will.”

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