In Other News: Stationery Feature Part I

We will take a brief break from poetry for a three-part series of features on my favorite stationery. I LOVE writing letters, and collecting beautiful stationery. Sometimes I can hardly bear to part with them when I mail them. I thought to myself, at least I can immortalize them on this blog, and recommend them to others.

The three part series will include: French themed, then artisan/handmade, and then random favorites. Where possible, I will include a story about how I found them, and where you can get them too.

French-Themed Faves:

Being a near-fluent speaker, French has always been a passion of mine. I got to use it among native speakers only once, on a fateful night in Paris (which is its own story). But in the meantime, many aspects of the language and the culture appeal to me. And since 2/3 of the stationery featured in this post are American-sold, clearly the romance of Paris is no foreign concept. (Haha.)

Number One: “Je T’aime.” (Apologies in advance; I am working with a mere iPhone camera here)


I love this one. It’s a square envelope so it costs two stamps to mail, but it’s worth it. There’s not much writing room, since the pink circle is literally all there is to write on. The back is blank, and it’s one sheet. However, it’s fun to fit as much as possible in the blank space on the back, and then add some little sticky notes or tea bags with notes written on them into the envelope as extra writing space. πŸ™‚ I found this digging through what is quite frankly my favorite place to find adorable stationery I can actually touch (as opposed to online shopping): namely, Target. The brand name is Mara Mi. She knows her stuff. I am assuming they are no longer available through Target OR Mara Mi, but I did find where you could get some on Ebay (I don’t know how much longer this link will be valid, based on the nature of Ebay): here. If you have any luck with the item number (which is 71058) let me know. I’d love to order more myself.

Number Two: Midnight Edition

Barnes and Noble may overcharge for their stationery, but it’s always beautiful. They buy from great sources. This boxed set is by Cavallini & Co., and I recommend them highly. Great quality paper, of a nice thick stock in cream and with tiny ridges. The print on the front appears to be actual news articles in French, based on my knowledge of the language which is unfortunately rusting. Still, the “Little Parisian” newspaper claims to be “le plus lu des nouveax du monde entier,” or “the most read news in the entire world.”
Also, GLITTER. They come in a set of ten and are available here. I found these while searching through B&N to spend a gift card some sweet friends gave me. They know me well. πŸ˜›

Number Three: Asteroide B612

I LOVE the Little Prince. I’ve never read it in English, but the French version captivated me, even with its odd philosophies. Why can’t all children’s books be so deep? On a side note, they made Le Petit Prince into a musical, and I have the lyrics basically memorized. You can get the soundtrack on Amazon.

This stationery is gorgeous. Rather than notecards, I got this in letter paper. Lined on one side, but with plenty of writing space, this paper is gorgeous and creamy, and with different illustrations on different pieces. It’s all in French, with subtle book references such as the “B612” stamp there on the envelope.
photo 3
I bought two packages, from Etsy. 6 sheets, 2 envelopes per package, so fair price, though higher shipping since they’re coming from Seoul. The Etsy link is here.

While we’re talking about French stationery, here are a couple more currently on my Etsy wish list:
Fleur de Lys cards
Cards of Paris.

Thanks for checking these out! Which are your favorites?

Check back next time for my favorite hand-made and artisan pieces.

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