Stationery Feature Part II: Handmade Edition

Welcome back to my three-part stationery feature. To those of you who enjoyed last time’s French-themed feature, I thank you for stopping by! This week I am featuring hand-made stationery.

I endeavor to own and mail out the coolest stationery ever, and I hope my friends appreciate the work I put into finding and purchasing them. 😉

Feature One: Hello, Sweetie.

I am an admitted Doctor Who fan. That show has some of the best writing and weaving of storylines of anything I’ve ever seen. I tried not to get hooked, but I did, starting last year. I’ve watched all seasons of New Who since then, and a few episodes of the old. Anyway, I went looking for Doctor Who stationery to mail to friends who are also fans. These came from Etsy store SteampunkCellars who unfortunately is at the moment taking a break. Hopefully she/he will be back soon so you can order these for yourself.


They come in a choice of cream or white paper (I chose white), and you can order the phrases “Hello Sweetie” from professor River Song or “Geronimo!” from the Eleventh doctor, and I think one other, but I can’t remember. The Envelope says your phrase of choice as well.

They were lovely quality, and I think it was a package of 8 for $7USD. Pretty nice price. They’re on the smaller side, but great for a quick note. Highly recommend–I am pretty sure the artist hand-carves his/her own stamps and uses nice quality stamp ink and paper as well.

Feature Two: There and Back Again

This feature is another Etsy purchase from another artist who creates his/her own stamps. These are approximately the same size and quality as the ones above, but with brown ink on cream paper. I don’t think these are customizable, but I LOVE them. They came adorably packaged, and the artist threw in some hand-stamped Hobbit gift tags for free. Great price for all of that: about $9USD. The shop is The Fig and Thimble.


These are also purchased out of a love of great stories. I can hardly bear to part with these. I’m tempted to frame the last one for my office walls.

Feature Three: Tea Paintings

These are absolutely gorgeous. They themselves are prints, rather than individually hand-made, but I count them for my hand-made feature because I got to watch the artist’s first forays into tea-painting when I visited her in LA. Lena Quagliato is an extremely talented artist with experience in all manner of art mediums. She was featured on the show Pawn Stars and drew portraits of the main characters.

These tea paintings are not only inspired by teas but painted with tea, with very little extra coloring added. There is actually a third design available, which is horizontal and featuring rose hip tea, but I only bought these two:

Chai and Earl Grey--a couple of my favorite flavors!

Chai and Earl Grey–a couple of my favorite flavors!

I personally LOVE tea so much it hurts. Seriously–I have heartburn as a result of the vast quantities I consume. So I thought these were perfect, and great to send out to tea-loving friends, though I’m tempted to frame them.

You can get these gorgeous notecards here at Fine Art America. They are also available as prints in various sizes. They are a little closer to a Hallmark card price range at nearly $6 each, but they are excellent quality, with a glossy surface, and are LARGE, so there’s a lot of room to write. Totally worth it.

You can check out all of Lena Quagliato’s art, including her Pawn Stars portraits, at LQPerspective.

Thanks for reading! Check back next time for the final installment!

Peace and Lattes!

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