A Year of Fresh Creativity

Well, December had me busy, between finals and travel and holidays, I barely squeaked out my 31 poems for ProjectDFC over on deviantArt. (Which stands for December Form Challenge)

I’ve done ProjectDFC for some years now, and this year’s forms were largely syllabic and modern. I know the moderator was trying to change it up this year since in the past we’ve had a lot of old european forms or far-and-middle-eastern forms. But with English poetry sounding much better metered than syllabic, I was not pleased with over half of the poems I wrote.

However, because I’ve been inactive for more than two months now, I’ll spend some time this month sharing first some of my favorites from DFC and maybe a few of my favorites from 2014 all told.

Also, for those of you wondering, some large grad school projects as well as a lot of other life events interfered with NaNoWriMo and I only cranked out about 30k words. Which is of course better than nothing, and I’m glad I got written what I did.

All told, I wrote 85 poems in 2014. Here’s to that and more in 2015.

From Day 1 of Project DFC:

Fleeing Red

I run red lights without regret.
The road: a winding, dark roulette
And night sky falls on upraised arms.
Here I am, remotest stars,
And ends of earth is where you are.
I’m smothered in ten thousand charms.
The rushing wind hides warning; I
Will risk a glance and battle cry.
The road ends suddenly. Disarmed.

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