NaPoWriMo Day 3

For Day three:

The Poetics of Space

The corner of the white-walled room
is hung with stair-like stars.
The inches squared where cobwebs dwell
is where the cosmos are.

The cosmos of the my white-walled mind
are brimming with the light
of forces, of creation–
imagining the night.

The white-walled cosmos of the night
my psyche bends to squares
and fits the universe as such
to dwell with cobwebs there.

From the intro to Gaston Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space”

“For Bachelard the cosmos, no less than the human psyche, is brimming with the force of the imaginary. And… he maintains that the poetic re-imagining of stairs, passageways, porches or dressers brings together powers of memory, perception, and fantasy that criss-cross in all kinds of surprising ways…. Imagination is a laboratory of the possible inviting us… to give a future to the past… a shared reservoir of resonances bequeathed to us by the great poets from Homer and Ovid to Rilke an Valery.”

Now, as a philosopher I have my own ideas of imagination and the creative process, and since I haven’t read “The Poetics of Space” all the way through yet, I don’t know if I recommend this approach to imagination as such. But I liked the thought, and ran with it.

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