NaPoWriMo Days 18 & 19

Ouch…term papers and finals have me way behind on NaPo. I did write through the 19th though and forgot to post them! So in the meantime, until some of these papers are done, I’ll need a few more days off and back at it to play catch-up before the 30th. But for now:

Day 18:


I am too far from where the rains descend.
I am divided from the cool of shore
And grey of sea.
And where the river wends is far beyond my grasp.
Oh, go before and reconcile the stars with where they end and I begin;
I am not anymore.
Until the chains release and I am free
Their magic won’t mean anything to me.

An ottava rima, with line breaks at the end of thought rather than the end of the metered line.

Day 19:

So Help Me

I knew you when you cried
And I caught your tears.
We’re the same age,
But you’re my heart’s daughter,
He’d better deserve you now
And work hard to deserve you forever
because so help me
I’ll punch him if he doesn’t.

Haha. Sorry, this one is bordering on glorified prose and almost doesn’t deserve to be used for NaPo. But give me a break: it’s grad school finals time. 😉 But seriously, do you feel me here?

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