NaPoWriMo Days 23-26

For Day 23:


Despite my lying prone beneath the weight
Of haste-invented reasons not to try
Still, the burning lights will not abate.

No fear within or out assails my eye
To cripple what is left of my ascent
Or stand between the voids, the goal, and I.

The waves may batter shores without relent
Just as the pilgrim’s progress is detained
By all-encroaching darkness’ descent.

But no– unflinching fires still remain
Emblazoned on the paths beneath my feet.
They light the burning hope which keeps me sane;

These lights I follow till my hope’s complete.

A terza rima, inspired by: “No halfheartedness or worldly fear must turn aside from following the light unflinchingly.” –Tolkien

For Day 24:

She Is

She takes the wind in hand
And scatters rain
Leaving footsteps on mountain faces.
She speaks life and storms
And whispers gently.
Reckon not with her
Nor call her lovely
But see beyond her eyes
Into her mind.

She knows the wildest fury
Of the city
Lit at night with energy and dreams.
She takes in hand the bedtime tale and gavel
Peeling off her shoes
To walk the stone-cold floors of office hallways.
Reckon not with her
Nor call her soft
But see beyond her leadership
To her soul.

For Day 25:


Had I wings as he
Perhaps I would have chosen
Rather to die well
Flying, foolish, and sun-warmed
Than die hopeless, in the dark.

For Day 26:

I Once

I once took refuge in the tainted past
Clung to fairy tales and happy ends.
The foolishness of youth to think ‘twould last;
I am–I was–as carefree as the winds.

But taint or not, their power over me
Was no less in their words than in spells cast
And in these days without them I am free.

But free from what? They speak to condescend;
One day I’ll take up fairy tales again.

A rainis sonnet,inspired by Lewis’ dedication in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Also slightly inspired by Antoine de St. Exupery.

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