With the end of summer comes the good news that I may be done with my coursework for my master’s degree. And as much as I’d like to go for a PhD, there are a few reasons why now is not the time. First, I’m burnt out. Second, financially it is not wise. Third, I’d like to consider starting a family and making that my primary focus. Fourth, it seems best to focus my energies toward creative passions and also toward volunteer and ministry opportunities. Those are the things which make a full life, not extra letters after my name.

Therefore, I hope to focus my energies on DFP, on poetry in general, and perhaps on a secondary blog project. Once that gets off the ground I’ll invite you all to follow me there too.

In the meantime, I’ve written only one poem this summer. I wrote it in June, the night I found out my grandmother had passed away at the age of 91. She was so dear to me, but her body had failed her and I don’t grudge her her current freedom and peace.

Nevertheless, here is my tribute:


Among the women who have left a mark
Indelible and striking as the stars
There shall remain the ones who stirred my heart
To fierce ambitions, waging well their wars
Both global and, yes, personal. But some
Remain a summer breeze; a gentle brook
And stir but softly, low and sweet their hum
On time and place where I stood. And now look:
I am a windswept meadow, carved by you
Until I’m marked by leaves and quilts and smiles
Now etched on me to my surprise. It’s true–
I may not always see the length in miles.
But here the stream ends in a waterfall,
And you have left its echo in us all.

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