I Miss You

Here, as promised, are the two pieces I have written since I lost my baby. I imagine there will be more. This is the hardest thing I have gone through, and I have found poetry and blogging to be a great outlet. In fact, my other blog contains my thoughts as I have been working through the grief process. If you think that would be helpful to you, if you have gone through the same, the link is here.

…I Miss You

Life rolls steadily onward
For the world outside
While I am pinned beneath the waves
Of sorrow and grief
Emptiness and despair.
They roll over me in a repeat of the same moment–
Mocking me as my body mocks me with the pangs of a labor that did not bring you to me.
They roll over me in a repeat of the same moment–
Sorrow and grief
Emptiness and despair
Bearing down on me in wave after wave
Suffocating and mocking.
For the world outside
Life rolls steadily onward
While I do not.

Not Well Yet

Will time perhaps begin to dull the edge
Of sharpened pain, bled long into the night?
The clock has stronger powers, some allege
Than any form of salve or balm despite
The tempting call of sleep or drink or ought
Which promises to soothe the deepest pain.
The arms of God are stronger still, we’re taught
And truth of this I’ve found before. In vain
Does all else promise healing. I will run
Into the Father’s arms, I know, and yet
My grief has not waned since it had begun
And God knows, sweetly waiting. I’m beset
Unready to be healed or soon consoled.
God knows it is not well yet with my soul.



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