Note: these are not related to NaPoWriMo. Those poems will be on the home page this year.


Because I dare to disturb the universe.

Here are the poems whose titles I took to title each of my blog entries. But perhaps not in order.

Ocean Blue

My love is sailing on the ocean blue
Under starry skies that wink from miles above.
He’s feeling wind and waves that rock the ship
On oceans nigh as vast as the Father’s love.
But no—he’s known the depth and breadth and height
And how ’tis measured not, nor seen, nor heard.
He won’t know yet how much love I’ve got:
Love stronger still for having been deferred.
I’m praying wind enough to send him home,
But not so much his ship will overturn.
I pray for him though I don’t know his name;
But that’s okay—I’ve our whole lives to learn.
My love is sailing God knows where. But see:
His eyes are on the bow, not on the wake;
His eyes are fixed on God, not wind or waves;
His sails are catching breezes for my sake.
Up ahead a lighthouse: there I am,
Miles of ocean in between us two.
But I’ll pray for winds and he’ll sail steady on
As God has measured out the ocean blue.




Drunk on chocolate– (bubble wrap,
Escapist fiction, once a nap)
And in denial, old while young
Tangled up, immobile, sung
Somebody else’s song, all wrong.

January, strangely warm
Curled up in empty dorm.
So enlightened in four years;
Loss of innocence, it sears
The heart like frost can sting, ’til spring.

Bubble-wrapping pretty lies
Popping cells behind the eyes,
Trembling fingers scrape the moon
And life will be improving soon.
Grace has made a hostage of the sea: it’s free.

Toss aside the empty glass;
In beads of hope and lemongrass
Find a rhythm, sing instead
Of joy no longer chocolate-fed,
For guilt cannot abide: it died.




In the wandering wood
I’ve come to a place
Where the shadows are lifted
And evil abased,
And my own inner torment
At last is erased.

By the side of the pool
At the end of the stream
By the old waterfall
I’m a dreaming a dream
And the terror’s released
In a heart-wrenching scream.

After this, every sound,
Every tear, all the pain
That I harbor within
Is drowned in the rain
And the shadows have gone-
I won’t see them again.

I take off the scales
And step into the pool
That’s refreshing and deep
And surprisingly cool,
And I then realize
I am naught but a fool.

You give a great shake
Of your soft, golden mane,
And your deep-throated purr
Sounds a bit like my name,
And my lion, my lamb
Are now one and the same.

I enter the falls
And close my eyes tight,
The water pours down,
I’m deprived of all sight,
For all there is left
Is you, there’s no blight,
No stain, and no scar,
No wound and no worry,
For they’ve all been replaced
By your peace and your glory,
And I’ve finally found
The climax of the story.

The waterfall roars
And then, so do you,
And the world I once,
Long ago, belonged to,
And all of its darkness
That sticks much like glue
Is removed in your waters
And I’m pure and I’m free,
And all that I want
Is all I can see,
And all that is left
Is the lion and me.

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